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upload with multifile control


  I am using the multifile control.
  Although the progress bar shows the transport has finished,
  but the function for the submit click event is not called after the
  close of the progress bar window.
  And there is no file in directory neatupload_tmp.

here is the code:
 <Upload:MultiFile ID="MultiFile1" runat="server" UseFlashIfAvailable="true" FileQueueControlID="filelist" >
<asp:Button id="multiFileButton2" Text="browse" Enabled="<%# MultiFile1.Enabled %>" runat="server" /></Upload:MultiFile>
<Upload:ProgressBar ID="ProgressBar1" runat='server' Triggers="ImageButton2"  Inline="true" />
<asp:ImageButton ID="ImageButton2" runat="server" ImageUrl="~/Images/btn_add.GIF" OnClick="AddFile_Click" />

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Re: upload with multifile control

Dean Brettle
If you aren't using the latest version of NeatUpload, try upgrading.

AddFile_Click should be called in your example.  If it isn't, check the Known Issues, especially NeatUpload controls might not work properly within an UpdatePanel

If that doesn't help, please email me (dean at brettle dot com ) a small test project that reproduces the problem, and then post here to say you sent it.