Very nice control but still something to check.

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Very nice control but still something to check.



i have few questions on how to implement you component and strange things happening.

First I have some trouble to reach internal methods of your dll because members are declared as internal. I changed them to public and now everithing should work, but I can't understand why was set as internal.

Second i get strange errors because "lastpostbackid" of null is simply empty and the code crash. Obviously verifing for empty works, but your example works too without adding this check.

Last the progress bar jumps to 70% immediatly and remain at 70% until the end. ETA progress is correct.

Can I do some changes to your code?



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Re: Very nice control but still something to check.

Dean Brettle
Hi Stefano,

Which internal methods did you need and why?  I only made public the minimum I thought was needed, so that I can make more changes to the internals without worrying about breaking compatibility.  If you need to access internal methods, you might be trying to use NeatUpload in a way that it was designed to be used.  If you can tell me what you are trying to accomplish, I might be able to help you accomplish it with the public methods.  FYI, I'm planning to make more things public if they are needed and stable.

Please feel free to make changes to the code (including making internal things public) -- that's the great thing about open source software -- just make sure the source code for your changes are available to anyone you distribute the resulting dll to (see the License section).  I'd appreciate it if you sent a copy of your changes to me (dean at brettle dot com) so that they can be considered for inclusion in future releases, but that's not required.

Regarding the null/empty "lastpostbackid", can you send me code I can use to reproduce that behavior?  Also, please provide the version numbers of NeatUpload, .NET/Mono, and the browser you used to produce the problem.