Progressbar frezzes and no upload is done?

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Progressbar frezzes and no upload is done?


Im using MojoPortal that has NeatUpload implemented. When starting a upload (multiple or singel) the progressbar and information will be shown properly, but after a couple of minuts the progressbar will disappear and the information stop?

If I wait the upload dialog will eventually show finished uploading with 24,9 in x kgb/s took 00:00, then the dialog will close and the main window will reload.

There is however no files uploaded. Some times the log will tell mig that there was somtimes wrong with the padding, somtimes it will say nothing?

The smaller the file is the bigger chanse of getting it up to the server, if the file is 30> then it is vary low chans to get it on to the server with NeatUpload.

The NeatUploader is configurated like this :


The machineKey is set to the following :

<machineKey validationKey="x" decryptionKey="x" validation="SHA1" decryption="AES" />

where x is a real value.

If I turn off the NeatLoader then the regular filuploader will be active and this works just fine.

The httpRuntim is set like this :

<httpRuntime maxRequestLength="2097151" executionTimeout="3600" requestValidationMode="2.0"/>

Pleas Advice how to solve this problem.


Edit : If I just close the file dialog when the progressbar have disappear it will result in a exception in the log that tells me that the end user has probably closed the upload. Like this :

Client disconnected after receiving 25493843 of 51994752 bytes in 90 secs -- user probably cancelled upload.