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MVC control bindings

I'm working on moving NeatUpload into my MVC application, but haven't had any luck binding the controls to my model properties.

The model looks like this:
   public class FileUploadModel
      public InputFile InputFile { get; set; }

In the view, my input file control looks like this:
   File: <Upload:InputFile ID="InputFile" name="InputFile" runat="server" />

But the InputFile control is always null when I try to access it in the controller.
      public ActionResult FileUpload(FileUploadModel model)
         var file = model.InputFile;

I have a feeling this might be because the control id and name get auto-generated when the view is rendered. So instead of this:
   File: <Upload:InputFile ID="InputFile" name="InputFile" runat="server" />

I get this:
   File: <input type="file" name="NeatUpload_269887C3EBF07E325B5D0099E9D1013C-ctl00$MainContent$InputFile" id="MainContent_InputFile"

Which MVC can't match to my model attributes. Anyone have a work-around for this?