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GreyBox - Progress bar not updating

I am trying to use the greybox extension but am having a few issues. They seem to be down to the normalInProgress item not beeing rendered.


134: var id = srcElem.getAttribute('id');
135: var destElem = document.getElementById(id);

destElem is null when looking for 'normalInProgress'. If I add a div with that is the text renders but the progress bar doesn't update its progress even though the text does.


<Upload:DetailsSpan id="normalInProgress" runat="server" WhenStatus="NormalInProgress" style="font-weight: normal; white-space: nowrap;">
                                        <%# FormatCount(BytesRead) %>/<%# FormatCount(BytesTotal) %> <%# CountUnits %>
                                        (<%# String.Format("{0:0%}", FractionComplete) %>) at <%# FormatRate(BytesPerSec) %>
                                        - <%# FormatTimeSpan(TimeRemaining) %> left
<div id="normalInProgress"></div>